Like many people who struggle with fibromyalgia, you have probably been searching to gain understanding and recognition of your disease.  We will not ignore your conditions, but embrace it by putting in the effort to treat your condition and giving you the results you deserve.

Our website will give you the complete facts about Fibromyalgia and Chiropractic Care, including clinic trials that support its effectiveness.

We have helped (successfully treated) many patients with Fibromyalgia just like yours but every case is different.  We must first find out what is causing your condition before we can accept you for care.

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Dr. Stephan Langston, D.C.


 What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a common and disabling disorder affecting 2-4% of the population, women more often than men.  Despite the condition's frequency, the diagnosis is often missed.  Patients with fibromyalgia usually ache all over, sleep poorly, are walk stiffly, and are tired all day.  They are prone to headaches,      memory and concentration problems, dizziness, numbness and tingling, itching, fluid retention, crampy abdominal or pelvic pain and diarrhea, and several other symptoms.

  How can our technique help Fibromyalgia?

Because fibromyalgia causes numerous tender points all over the body, many fibromyalgia patients suffer from back pain, neck pain, and leg cramps. In an attempt to solve these problems, many sufferers have looked to chiropractors who specialize in fibromyalgia. Because FCA Chiropractors specialize in treating fibromyalgia, they can restore the carriage of the whole body.  Many fibromyalgia sufferers find that alignments of the spine can significantly reduce pain all over their bodies.

 How is conservative care different from a medical doctor’s approach?

A medical doctor’s office will typically write you a perscription for one of the three main medications used to treat fibromyalgia:  Lyrica, Neurontin or Wellbutrin.  These medications merely mask the symptoms and do not address the underlying problems.  Conservative care assists in finding each patients’ individual underlying cause.  After an extensive evaluation, a personalized treatment plan is put together to provide the patient with a path back to wellness and freedom. 

Here are just a few of the most common side effects caused from fibromyalgia drug treatments.

    • Dizziness -- in up to 45 percent of people
    • Drowsiness -- up to 28 percent
    • Coordination problems -- up to 20 percent
    • Weight gain -- up to 16 percent (see Lyrica and Weight Gain)
    • Dry mouth -- up to 15 percent (see Lyrica and Dry Mouth)
    • Infections -- up to 14 percent
    • Headaches -- up to 14 percent
    • Accidental injury -- up to 11 percent
    • Shakiness (tremors) -- up to 11 percent.

What technology is used to help evaluate my condition?

We use the Titronics - Tytron C-3000® thermoscan which provides us with an accurate analysis of autonomic neurophysiology.  We use daily diagnostics to help show your progression and improvements as we work through your care plan. 

The Tytron has an easy to read graphical representation that shows your before and after treatment improvement.
pre-adj c-3000        post-adj c-3000
                      Pre-Check                                                    Post-Check

What other benefits have been observed?

As FCA Chiropractors, we specialize in treating fibromyalgia patients with conservative care. This care has the added benefit of removing the side effects of medications typically used to treat fibromyalgia. Additionally, successful treatments have eliminated depression and many of the stigmatisms that surround fibromyalgia.  The biggest bonus is returning you back to a normal and productive lifestyle that both you and your family will appreciate.

Are there clinical studies that document the effectiveness of Chiropractic care for fibromyalgia?

 Yes!  One study showed a statistically significant reduction in pain intensity, and corresponding improvement in quality of sleep and fatigue levels, in nine of the 15 patients.  

Click here if you would like to review the studies yourself.

Are the sessions painful, how many will be needed and what is the cost?

A few patients experience a slight soreness when chiropractic treatment is initiated. It is important to be relaxed during the adjustment because if you do tense up, this can contribute to the soreness. You must be comfortable with your Chiropractor and they with you. Most patients enjoy their adjustments and look forward to them.

The specific treatment plan will be determined by the doctor after your examination.  This plan will outline total cost for your treatment if you are a candidate that can be helped.  Rest assured that the cost of conservative care is a fraction of the 10k to 100k of medical costs many fibromyalgia patients have paid for medical care that left them still suffering.

We also offer CareCredit that will allow you to finance the entire cost and make 12 monthly payments with no interest.  To apply for financing online and get instant approval in advance, just go to CareCredit.com.





Do most patients receive therapy and rehabilitative exercises in addition to Chiropractic treatments?

Yes. Specific exercising helps reduce symptoms and assist the healing process. Supporting structures are treated with passive therapies (ice/heat/muscle stimulation), nutritional adjustments and active rehabilitation/exercise in order to strengthen the spinal musculature.

How do I get started?


We want to make it easy for you to learn if you are a candidate for conservative care from an FCA Chiropractor. Just print out any part of this web page and bring it on your first visit and you will receive a complete evaluation - including consultation, history, orthopedic/neurological testing, X-rays (if indicated) and report of findings...FOR ONLY $20.00 (A $350.00 value)!

Please remember to bring any MRI reports so the doctor can review them and best advise you about your treatment options.





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